Why Combating Together?

2020 has presented us with a unique challenge. The outburst of global pandemic Covic-19 might be far worse than the previous experience some of us may have undergone. Each country is facing different circumstances and challenges. Each nation needs guidance and assurance during this critical period. 


It is important for everyone to be together to overcome this crisis; we are stronger and will be stronger if we unite. 


Together, we help our government and authorities by observe social distancing and all recommended action, and not spreading fake news that will weaken one’s faith. 

Together, we help all the medical frontliners who have fought hard enough to heal the unfortunate. It’s not only their responsibility to fight the virus, but it’s also responsibility of you and me. We are humankind that is deemed the smartest living creature on Earth, and this is time we engage our intelligence. 


#CombatingTogether is an initiative by all passionate employees in Perk Idea.

We want to pay our utmost respect to the frontliners and to bring positive changes to everyone in the world that have been affected by Covic-19. We are here to demonstrate the power of togetherness, to all industries that might be affected by the pandemic, we stand to combat financial crisis, to combat selfishness, to combat irresponsible. We unit and we are here to do only #combatingtogether. 



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